GU Mary’s Meals society event today

Blair Anderson

The Glasgow University Mary’s Meals society (GUMM) will host its Big Coffee Morning today, in the Williams Room of the John McIntyre Building, from 10am-2pm.

GUMM will host to one of many events being held at universities across the country under the #MarysMealsonCampus banner, in aid of the charity Mary’s Meals. Everyone is invited to come along for coffee, cake, and discussion about the work of Mary’s Meals. As well as speciality teas and coffees from Malawi, where Mary’s Meals does much of its work, there will also be a raffle with incredible prizes including Malawian gin to be won.

Mary’s Meals is a Scottish charity aiming to end hunger in developing countries through its mission of ensuring every child receives a daily meal in a place of education. The guarantee of a meal protects nearly 1.2 million children every day from the effects of starvation and malnutrition, and also draws children into the classroom, giving them the “energy and the opportunity to gain an education and escape the cycle of poverty”. While the largest projects are in Malawi and Liberia, Mary’s Meals seeks to work with most vulnerable children around the world. From Haiti, to South Sudan, to Syria, from Lebanon’s refugee camps, to Aleppo, over a million children have the promise of Mary’s Meals every day.

Founded by GUMM, the #MarysMealsonCampus campaign aims to showcase the work of students in the wider Mary’s Meals movement, and to encourage collaboration between the university societies across the country, from Aberdeen to Exeter. It is hoped in the years to come that #MarysMealsonCampus will grow to become a regular feature at universities across the country, with more and more students being encouraged to take part in the life-changing work of Mary’s Meals.

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GUMM Meet at 5pm, every Monday, TV Room in the QMU.


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