Taxi’s Cup 2017 Preview: Badminton Club

Reiss McInally

After another successful season Glasgow’s on-form badminton team are heading into the Taxi’s Cup with an unwavering belief that they will come out on top.

While the season has not been without its challenges, the Glasgow University Badminton Club Captain, Richard Bradley, was quick to emphasise the tenacity of the team.  “Due to scheduling issues we have been unable to field our strongest team every week, but otherwise I feel that we have had consistently strong performances throughout the season.”  

By making an effort to get in some extra practice outwith their regular training sessions, the Glasgow squad have been able to successfully compensate for this inconsistent line-up. The team churned out some hard fought victories and have ended up finishing a respectable third place in this year’s BUCS Scottish 1A – Mixed league. Furthermore, after a convincing win against Loughborough 2nd earlier this month, the team are now preparing for the final of the BUCS Badminton Trophy.

The team are looking to take this form into the Taxi’s Cup, confident that they will continue their three-year winning streak in the competition. However, they are not complacent and certainly seem aware of the strength of the opposition. Bradley sighted their biggest challenge as Strathclyde’s Alex Dunn who won bronze in the boys’ doubles event at 2015 European Junior Badminton Championships, before adding:

“While we expect a challenge against a strong Strathclyde side, I am still confident that our team will secure a win. Our partnerships this year are particularly strong and by this point everyone is used to playing with each other. I think it will be teamwork that pulls us through in this event, like last year, when Matthew Carder and Sarah Allan played brilliantly together in the last game. They overcame a tough mixed doubles match and won the Cup for us.”

Carder, 131st in the World Senior Rankings, and the 2016 Scottish National Champion, is on fierce form again this season after winning the BUCS Individuals Championship – Singles event last month. With this international on the team, and Danny Leinster having recently made the semi-final of the Scottish Nationals, Glasgow should not be feeling too intimidated by their competition in this Taxi’s Cup.

After speaking with Bradley is clear that the team are optimistic, and it is good to see them approaching the Cup with such a positive mind-set and support for each other. With this promising Glasgow side ready to take on some tough competition on Wednesday 15th March, the event is shaping up to be an exciting day of badminton between the three universities.


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