Taxis Cup 2017 Preview: Athletics Club

Dora Prongracz

The Glasgow University Athletics Club head into the Taxis Cup full of expectation having enjoyed a hugely successful year.  The club is Scottish Indoor Champions for seven years in a row and triumphant in last year’s competition, the club are hoping to continue their success.  

Heading into the event, the club’s captains, Edi Akpan and Tom Bray, expect the same result from last year.  “We have a strong team and so I’m expecting the same result.”  Akpan said, before he acknowledged “you never know” what might happen.  Although it is one of the biggest clubs at Glasgow, there are only four events for its fifty members to compete in; 800m, 100m and 4x100m and 4x400m relays.  Akpan explained that they club would have trials to determine who would compete for Glasgow in this year’s event, but that “everyone is ready for competition following the success of the indoor season.”

With all of their recent success, it might be expected that they would have lost some of their intensity, but Bray was quick to outline the steps being taken by the club to ensure they continue to improve.  “(We had) an extensive winter training program incorporating track sessions and strength and conditioning sessions that began back in september with a focus on reaching peak performance for the middle of March. Every winter session was planned in advance to make sure our athletes were at their peak for this competition.”

The main focus for winning again this year is on encouraging the best athletes in the club to run in the event.  But who do the captains think we should be looking out for?  “I’d say our key player is Krishawn Aiken.”  Akpan said.  “He’s a strong talent in the 100m and in the relay team. He’s been training hard this season and is definitely one to watch.  Elsewhere Alison Broadhurst is a strong athlete in the distance group, her performance in 800m is promising and will take us closer to winning again”  In agreement, Bray added Aimee McGinley, who will be competing in the 4x100m, to the mix.

Coached by Colin Sinclair, a sprinter by trade, and recent addition Sean Watson, Club Captain, Tom Bray, was quick to heap praise upon them and the boost they have given to the club.  When asked about Sinclair, Bray said, “we could not have imagined how well he has gelled with our athletes. From day one his training principals matched those of our athletes and within a week it felt like he had been our coach for years.”

So how are they feeling heading into the event?  “Team moral has never been higher!”  Boasted Bray.  “Not only have the club bonded on the track at training but at our thrilling weekly socials.”

“Team moral is at an all time high, with consistently high attendance at training and socials.”  Added Akpan.  “We’re taking the biggest group to warm weather training ever (32)! The team-coach relationship with Sean and Colin is stronger than ever and everyone is improving and seeing progress. I’m excited to see what my team can do.”

So there can be little doubt, the club’s members are going to put in extra effort in this year’s competition to retain their title and help Glasgow towards another Taxis Cup.




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