John Gorrod
Sports Editor

Glasgow Caledonian University Student President Lauren Ramage has high hopes for this year’s Glasgow Taxis Cup.  Far from content with occupying the role of the underdog, GCU are confident that they will be able to build on this year’s strong sporting performances and produce their best-ever display.

“This year has been an extremely positive year for sport at GCU and I hope that this will be reflected in the Glasgow Taxis Cup,” said Ramage. “Our teams have been working extremely hard – training and competing weekly – and really deserve to do well this year.”

When asked about which sport would be GCU’s biggest hope for success, Ramage replied: “Both Men’s and Women’s volleyball have been successful in the past and are usually the underdogs of the competition so it will be exciting to see how they get on this year.”

Ramage was confident that Wednesday will be a day to remember. She said: “The Taxis Cup is the most exciting sporting event of the year for our students. I am in my current position as Sports President because of my involvement in sport at GCU and for my passion of competing for the university.

“This is a different kind of competition as it is great to mix and compete against two brilliant universities who get on so well but also have a bit of rivalry between one another.

“Something that stands out to me would have to be the atmosphere and effort put in by all of the competitors on the day. It really is an extremely positive and energetic event which brings out the best in all three universities.”

While she hopes that GCU can spring a surprise, Ramage was keen to keep expectations grounded. “It is important to remember and acknowledge that we are a much smaller and newer university compared to both Strathclyde and Glasgow,” she said. “However, we do have teams who come out on top every year and I think that we have proven that we are worthy underdogs.

“I am confident that our teams will certainly give both Strath and GU a run for their money this year and we are more than capable of winning the cup.”

Ramage had a final message for those competing on Wednesday: “It has been an absolute honour being Sports President for GCU this year and I am so proud of all of our sports members who make such a positive contribution to the Students’ Association and are great ambassadors for the university. I wish them all the best of luck at this year’s Taxis Cup.”