Credit: UofGlasgow snapchat

Aamer Anwar is the new University of Glasgow Rector

Credit: UofGlasgow snapchat

Katy Scott
News Editor

Aamer Anwar has been announced as the new Rector of the University of Glasgow. He won with 4458 votes – 54% of all votes cast.

Anwar won in the first round of single transferable voting. He will take office as Rector on 31 March.

Second was Lady Hazel Cosgrove with 1409 votes, then Sir Vince Cable with 535 votes. Milo Yiannopoulos came fourth with 533 votes.

Professor Jordan Peterson followed Yiannopoulos in fifth place with 442 votes. Jonathan “JJ” Tease was sixth with 271, then Brace Belden with 236. John Lindberg followed with 199 votes, then Duncan Logie with 45 votes and Thomas Hind with 38 votes.

The total voter turnout has increased by approximately 25% from the previous Rector elections. 8210 people voted this year, while 6560 voted in 2014.

31% of all University of Glasgow students voted in the this year’s Rector elections. Anwar received over three times as many votes as Cosgrove and over eight times as many votes as Sir Vince Cable. 17% of all votes cast were for Cosgrove, 6.51% were for Cable and 6.49% were for Yiannopoulos.


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