Glasgow to March On Racism

Credit: Alisdare Hickson

Kieran Docherty

Glasgow’s voice continues to be heard throughout the UK and the world with protests against President Trump’s “Muslim Ban”, his inauguration, and the recent Women’s March all taking place within the past two months. Glasgow’s protestors are expected to be out en masse again during the Stand Up To Racism national demonstration on March 18, the aptly dubbed “March On Racism.”

Taking place on UN Anti-Racism day, assembly for Glasgow’s event will be at 11am, on Holland Street and will coincide with similar marches in London and Cardiff. The event will commence with a march from Holland Street to George Square, where the rally is expected to begin at 12pm and continue through to 2pm.

The organisation’s Facebook event for the march calls for mobilisation of protestors to ensure that the Glasgow demonstration is a “massive success” and lays down its intention to “send out a clear message that we will not tolerate racism, discrimination, and division in our community”.

In a recent press release from the organisation calls for unity in the face of a divisive social and political climate: “Stand Up To Racism, the organisers of the event which is supported by the TUC, Unite, UNISON and many other trade union, faith and community groups, have called on those who oppose racism, whether they voted leave or remain, to come together and show unity against racist scapegoating and the denial of basic rights”.

The 2016 demonstrations in London, Cardiff and Glasgow drew over 20,000 people to the streets of Britain. This year’s event is expected to pull a larger crowd owing to the UK’s growing demonstrative presence.

Further information on the organisation can be found on the organisation’s website,, and the Stand Up To Racism – Scotland event on Facebook,


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