Credit: Sebastien Miellet

Glasgow University set to raise gym fees

Credit: Sebastien Miellet

Jess Owen
News Editor

Student membership prices for University of Glasgow Sport are due to rise for the academic year 2017/18.

The price for a 12 month student membership is due to rise from £100 to £125, and the price for a semester student membership is due to rise from £75 to £85.

In a open letter to University of Glasgow Sport members, GUSA have expressed their concern that the new fees and their inflation over the past 2 years will become a barrier for those who wish to be physically active at university.

The letter states: “However, income targets for UofG Sport are now clashing with the best interests of the students. After negotiating with the University and the Director of Sport, the Association appreciates the fees for the upcoming academic year being set at a lower figure than originally proposed.

“Nevertheless, we are resolute this is only the beginning of further negotiations and a better relationship, with GUSA council playing a more meaningful role in these decision making processes.

“Glasgow University Sports Association will always strive to ensure the student voice is heard and to encourage as many students as possible to take part in sport and physical activity.”

The new changes in cost were originally due to be an increase of £30 for a 12 month membership, but have since been lowered to £25 after negotiations.

GUSA has requested assurance that fees will not rise again for two years, and have recommended that the percentage increase allowed in one year should be capped.


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