Freshers Taxis Cup 2017 set to commence

Credit: Martin Shields

Max Kelly
Sports Editor

Glasgow University sports season opens with Freshers getting a taste of the prestigious annual event

Every year the sports clubs at the three major Glasgow Universities – Glasgow, Strathclyde and Caledonian – come together to compete in the Taxis Cup, a multi-sport competition that takes place over the course of a day, to determine which University is sportingly superior. The University of Glasgow are the current holders of the competition, in fact Glasgow has won seven successive Taxis Cups, a run that stretches back to 2011.

On the 27 September, newcomers will get a chance to experience a stripped-down version of the highly anticipated annual event. The number of sports will be reduced from 17 down to just seven and there will be no “winner” officially crowned, but participants will certainly still be keen to come home with bragging rights.

Unfortunately due to a clash with their British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) league matches, men’s football and both the men and women’s hockey teams will be unable to compete in the tournament. Nevertheless, there are still a large number of sports on show including basketball, women’s football, netball, rugby, swimming and volleyball.

This event is indeed less competitive than its parent competition, but to complain of that would be to miss the point. The Freshers’ Taxis Cup aims to introduce freshers and new players to the venues and Wednesday afternoon sport which is regular throughout the season in the BUCS leagues. The competition also seeks to help freshers meet new people and gives an opportunity for teams to bond before the season starts.

Despite the name, the Freshers’ Taxis Cup is not solely for first years as any newcomer to a sports club, regardless of year of study is eligible to take part. The tournament is a fantastic opportunity for students to familiarise themselves with their new sports club and prepare for the exciting world of student sport.


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