The SRC's McIntyre Building
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SRC launch lecture recording campaign

The SRC's McIntyre Building

Credit: anonymous. John McIntyre Building

Katy Scott

The Students’ Representative Council (SRC) have announced that they will be launching a campaign to try and increase the use of lecture audio recording within the University of Glasgow.

The SRC are urging students to actively encourage their lecturers to opt-in to have their lectures recorded, if they work in a teaching space with lecture recording capabilities. They are also emailing staff in rooms with lecture recording capabilities and encouraging them to opt-in. Council members will be hanging posters in all rooms that have been identified as suitable for recording.

It is recommended that students raise the issue with their class representatives who will attend Staff Student Liaison Committee Meetings and relay the message to staff on the student’s behalf. Those who support the campaign could also email their lecturer or course convener highlighting these reasons at a higher level.

The SRC are encouraging students to constructively relay to staff the reasons why they require lectures to be recorded.

The SRC claim that lecture recordings are “a vital support mechanism for a number of students, for example: student parents who have childcare responsibilities, students with disabilities, or those whose first language isn’t English.”

The University currently runs an opt-in policy where lecturers can request a room with lecture recording capabilities to have their lectures recorded.

Vice-President for Education, Hannah-May Todd, said: “The SRC understands how hugely important lecture recordings are for so many reasons to students, both support and academic related. This year we really want to see an increase in the number of staff recording their lectures, and the best way to do this is for students to show their demand for it!

“Eventually I would love to see the university adopt an opt-out policy, where all lectures are recorded.”

There has been a 30% increase over summer in the number of teaching spaces with lecture recording capability.


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