The SRC's McIntyre Building
Credit: Glasgow Guardian

SRC gains funding increase, despite decrease to GUU and QMU grants

The SRC's McIntyre Building

Credit: anonymous. John McIntyre Building

Holly Sloey
News Editor

The Students’ Representative Council (SRC)’s funding will be increased for the coming year, while the Queen Margaret Union (QMU) and the Glasgow University Union (GUU) will see budget cuts for the third year in a row.

The Student Finance Sub-Committee has a total of £1.26 million available in funding, not being subject to the 5% mandatory cut made to many university services. The committee agreed in March to allow a 2.5% grant increase for the SRC, and it is now expected that the SRC will receive £513,315 to use in the year ahead.

The GUU and QMU have received £221,600 each for the year, which is down from the £228,700 they each received last year – a 3.2% decrease.

In 2015/2016, both unions received £234,000 from the University.

A spokesperson for the University of Glasgow said: “It is important to stress that the total sum available to the four student bodies has remained the same for both years. There has been a slight decrease in funding to the GUU and to the QMU because of an uplift to the SRC. This decision on funding was taken by the Student Finance Sub-Committee on the basis of submissions made by all four student bodies. The grant for GUSA has remained at the same level for both 2016/17 and 2017/18.”

Both unions refused to comment on the decrease to their funding.


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