Letter tiles spelling out "scam"
Credit: Nick Youngson (http://nyphotographic.com/)

Glasgow student accuses club of ticket scam

Letter tiles spelling out "scam"

Credit: Nick Youngson (http://nyphotographic.com/)

Holly Sloey
News Editor

A University of Glasgow student has claimed that he was the victim of a scam conducted by a fellow member of Facebook group Glasgow Freshers 2017-2018. Mehmet Zorlu said in a post in the group on 13 September that he had paid £45 the previous day to another user who had posted “4-5 times” advertising an event in Club Tropicana & Vogue that night, in exchange for what he had thought were three tickets to the event.

Zorlu alleges that when he arrived at the club, there were around 15 others there who had also bought tickets from the same user. He states that they waited for 40 minutes at the door of the club, but that no one came to open it, and that he now believes that the advertisement for the event was a scam. He has requested that that the the group admins, or “whoever [is] responsible”, do something to help him with his situation.

Andrew Gillan, another member of the group, commented on Zorlu’s post: “Always best to stick to the official events, if you had a closer look at the profiles that posted the events you would see they were fake.”

Speaking to Mehmet Zorlu, he said: “I don’t know who the admins are but i think that they are also involved in this scam…I think they have scammed about 20-30 people at least”.

On the Facebook group where Zorlu bought the tickets, there is a post dated 12 August – the night of the event – notifying members of the venue change, and Club Tropicana claim to have sent out emails and texts to alert ticket holders to the change.

Regarding Zorlu’s accusations, Club Tropicana said in a statement to the Glasgow Guardian that they were aware of his complaints: “We have already explained this [the venue change] to the customer and recommended he get in touch with the ticket provider in order to obtain a refund”.


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