Barrowland venue exterior
Credit: Rob Sinclair/Flickr

Liam Fray Acoustic Tour: Preview

Barrowland venue exterior

Credit: Flickr/Rob Sinclair

Erin Gallagher
Culture Editor

Liam Fray is stopping off in Glasgow this Friday 20 October as part of his UK acoustic tour. The Courteeners frontman will take the stage, solo, at the Barrowlands.

The Courteeners typically have a roaring, sweaty crowd chanting along to their music and are in their prime when playing in the rain at muddy British festivals. This time, however, the fans can look forward to a far more intimate experience, in a smaller venue, than what they are used to from the full indie-rock band. There will be a personal edge to these performances, stripping down both the music and theatrics, leaving only the songwriter Fray and his acoustic guitar.

Anyone who enjoys the Courteeners won’t be disappointed, because they can expect to hear the old classics and current favourites that they love to sing along to. However, these gigs will cater especially for those dedicate fans that know the band’s repertoire inside and out, as Fray has promised to “dive into rarely heard songs” and b-tracks – a rare and unexpected treat.

There may not be flares, or a wild, unruly crowd, but the night will be a one-off opportunity to see the outspoken Fray at his rawest and most honest.


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