loop and scoop churros and ice cream
Credit: Dawn Young

Review: Loop&Scoop

loop and scoop churros and ice cream

Credit: Dawn Young

Sonas Ferrier

After a heavy Friday night, the decision to drag my hungover body to the newly opened Loop & Scoop last Saturday morning was going to go one of two ways.

It’s safe to say the idea of combining of churros and ice cream was doing little to ease my queasiness as I ventured along the busy Great Western Road. Regardless, I had heard good things around campus regarding the arrival of a whole establishment devoted to churros in the West End. Despite my deteriorated physical state, intrigue led me to try it out for myself.

The shop is certainly eye catching; a pinstriped beacon of white and orange illuminates the otherwise drab street, making it utterly impossible to miss. Even the quirky name had me impressed – simple yet unforgettable.

Once inside, I was greeted by a warm and cheery atmosphere. I was surprised at how busy it was for a Saturday morning in October, given that we were all queuing for ice cream. Mothers and babies, a group of elderly ladies, and chatty teenagers had all congregated to investigate the exciting new prospect of dessert served at 11am.

I was praying for student friendly prices however, nine pounds later, I was disappointed on this front. I was still holding out hope that this would be the best hangover breakfast of my life. Luckily, I was definitely not disappointed.

Six churros, two scoops of ice cream and a chocolate pot later I sat feeling sickly satisfied – the sugar overload was worth it. The desserts looked amazing and while ice cream may not be the most obvious choice of winter treat, it works wonderfully alongside Belgian chocolate filled churros and a hot drink. The churros were light and crispy and the gelato was high quality. If you’re ever looking for a crowd pleasing and delicious dessert, this is a great option.

For those with less of a sweet tooth or who are perhaps looking for more conventional ways to cure their hangover in the West End, fear not – Loop & Scoop serve both breakfast and lunch options for those who are not sugar inclined. There’s even the option to take-away, enhancing the restaurant’s accessibility and the chance for churros on-the-go – a concept I imagine will take off during summer, given its close proximity to Kelvingrove.

The staff are exceedingly friendly and enthusiastic. Calvin Kayes (the mastermind behind the brand) can be found floating around the store. A brief conversation with him revealed how his love for ice cream and his ambition to create a place unique to Glasgow birthed the idea for Loop & Scoop. The unique concept, branding and quality of the food stands to reflect the time and care put into the restaurant and further highlights Kayes’ devotion to a successful and long-lasting journey on Great Western Road. I highly recommend getting to Loop & Scoop for an indulgent experience which is as exciting to look at as it is to eat.


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