Library family study lounge Credit: Glasgow Guardian / Jeremiah Sim


In the name of adding to and improving its services, the University of Glasgow Library has recently created a brand new family study lounge.

The opening of this new study space was prompted by feedback from student parents who asked for a space adapted to their needs.

The space is designed so that parents or carers can have their children with them while they study.

This new space was officially opened on 7 September, and is situated on Level 4 of the library, alongside the audiovisual, music, education, junior fiction and nonfiction collections.

The family study lounge was created in close collaboration with both the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) and the Equality and Diversity Unit. The aim is to offer students as many opportunities as possible in order to encourage success in their studies.

Vice President for Student Support Lauren McDougall, who has been involved with the development of the space, said: “The SRC have worked closely with student parents and the University to develop this space and we are delighted to see that this space is now open for use. After consulting with over 500 student parents we know how valuable it is to parents to have a space on campus where they can study with their children. This is a pilot for the creation of more space in the campus redevelopment so we urge student parents to use the space and your feedback is vital in ensuring that more space is created as our campus and student population grows.”

A spokesperson for the library said: “We have been working closely with the Students’ Representative Council and the Equality and Diversity Unit to create a space where students with children can study in the Library. The new space has been created in response to feedback from students asking for a facility that enables parents/carers to use library facilities with their children.”

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