Picture of University with back of University Gardens in foreground
Credit: Aida Garnyte

New anti-abortion society generates controversy

Picture of University with back of University Gardens in foreground

Credit: Aida Garnyte

Jennifer Bowey

An anti-choice society has recently been launched at Glasgow University. The society, named Glasgow University Protection of Unborn People Society (GUPUPS), has garnered substantial interest at the University in recent weeks.

GUPUPS hosted their first official meeting on Tuesday 21 November during which administrative matters and initial plans were discussed, including their intention to apply for Student’s Representative Council (SRC) affiliation. If granted affiliation, the society will enjoy the benefits that all SRC-affiliated societies are entitled to, including room bookings on campus, eligibility to apply for a stall at Freshers’ events and SRC grants.  

Having already amassed over 200 followers on their Facebook page, GUPUPS have accumulated sufficient interest from the student population to warrant the establishment of a new society, however, it is still undetermined whether or not the SRC will grant them membership. On the process of a new society hoping to gain affiliation, the SRC’s website states the following: “GUSRC reserves the right to refuse affiliation to any club or society where concerns have been raised in the past and are considered to be unresolved. GUSRC also reserves the right to de-affiliate any clubs or societies that are considered to be acting in an improper manner and not for the best interests of students.”

Despite only being in its preliminary stages GUPUPS has attracted considerable controversy, with many students resorting to leaving negative reviews on their Facebook page in order to express their anguish. The society, however, is not deterred by negative responses, stating that “GUPUPS is a group of students doing what they can to help ensure that every unborn person can be allowed the chance to make it into this world.”

“Women have abortions for many, oftentimes complex reasons.  We do not seek to oversimplify the situation, nor do we judge those who have had abortions.  Our intention is to educate people about the development of the child in the womb, as we believe this is the best way to fully appreciate its humanity.

“We also plan to raise funds for charities which provide assistance to mothers in difficult situations (toys, prams, clothes etc) and to those which offer post-abortion care to women who are suffering.

“You can be pro-life and pro-women – the two are not mutually exclusive and we as a society intend to show this.”

There is currently no information online about further meetings, however the society’s mission statement details that their primary focus going forward will be on lobbying and raising awareness.


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