Mx, Mrs, Mr
Credit: Glasgow Guardian / Rowan Dayton-Oxland

Glasgow University to allow staff to use “Mx” as title

Mx, Mrs, Mr

Credit: Rowan Dayton-Oxland

Holly Sloey
News Editor

The University of Glasgow announced on 30 October that changes have been made to its CoreHR system to allow employees to use the title “Mx”, as opposed to “Mrs”, “Mr”, “Miss” or “Ms”.

According to the University, the intention behind this move was to “allow staff who identify as non-binary to make a positive choice rather than being limited to titles which do not accurately reflect their identity”.

The introduction of the new title into the CoreHR system brings it into line with the student MyCampus system by allowing staff as well as students to choose this option.

In its post on the subject on MyGlasgow News, the University stated that current employees should bear in mind that they cannot elect to begin using any titles in the course of their work by themselves, and should contact their local HR team if they wish to have their title updated to “Mx”.


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