Glasgow University
Credit: Glasgow Guardian / Madeleine Baker

Glasgow University offering funded PhD on families’ experiences of gender variance within children

Glasgow University

Credit: Glasgow Guardian / Madeleine Baker

Holly Sloey
News Editor

The University of Glasgow is currently offering a funded PhD looking into families’ experiences of emerging gender variance among children.
The PhD candidate undertaking the study will examine the ways in which families navigate emerging gender variant identity and expression and what barriers they face in providing a supportive social context, including how these evolve over time and intersect with other social contexts.
A qualitative study is proposed which could explore multiple dimensions including intra-familial awareness and communication, interactions with schools, supporting children within neighbourhood and community contexts, and using and accessing clinical services.
It is hoped that this study could ultimately be used in helping to develop an intervention to support families experiencing children’s emerging gender variance.
The programme will be run by the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit. The programme leader is Professor Lisa McDaid and the PhD candidate will be supervised by Dr Ruth Lewis.
Applications for this PhD programme will close on 12 January 2018. Further information can be found at


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