Credit: Rachel Wood

24/7 library pilot statistics demonstrate student interest in longer opening hours

Credit: Rachel Wood

Noor Sabha

Statistics gathered by the SRC on the University’s recent 24-hour library pilot have indicated that the extra opening hours were popular with students.

The library extended its opening hours beyond its usual closing time of 2am between 27 November and 15 December last year in order to assess levels of interest amongst students in working in the library between 2am and 7am.

There was have been a fairly high level of interest by students in the use of the increased opening hours in the main library. The minimum number of students recorded present in the main library at any point during the 2-week examination period was was 34. The highest recorded number of students utilising the increased opening hours was recorded at 216.

The smaller postgraduate study space proved slightly less popular with a maximum of 6 students in from 4am onwards.

The statistics also illustrate that library use consistently dwindled between 2am and 4am, and that most popular days for utilising the extra opening hours were Thursday 5 December and Friday 6 December.

Hannah-May Todd, SRC Vice President for Education said: “The 24 hour pilot went well, it was a chance to give students the ability to have access to resources at all times of the day and to study according to their own learning patterns. The figures are interesting, and it’s clear a number of students did make use of the new opening hours during this exam diet.”


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