Jess Simpson

As one of four candidates running for the position of VP Education, having a strong manifesto and in depth knowledge of said role is crucial. Luckily for Emma Hardy, she appears to have both these qualities and confidently tackled questions regarding her manifesto.

As the current Humanities representative for the SRC, Emma has a sound basis for her campaign and has already demonstrated a commitment to student education. During her time as Humanities representative, Emma has fought for online-only submission, resulting in the school of Humanities no longer seeking print submissions for coursework. This demonstrates an ability to follow through on goals and is a significant achievement for a student representative. Furthermore, Emma has a noteworthy engagement with education on campus, acting as a representative for the Senate as well as the Hunterian’s Strategic Development Board. 

The key components of Emma's VP campaign seem to rely on standardising the education system the University currently uses and optimising current alternative study spaces. While Emma seems very informed of the current issues regarding university education, she does not explicitly state how she would go about resolving them - which could serve to hinder her bid for VP.

Though Emma seems confident in her ability to pursue her manifesto aims, improving college advising systems and standardising the feedback process are very dependent on whether an arrangement can be reached between herself and university staff. However, judging by her track record and emphasis on communication with staff, instigating such discussion may well be achievable. 

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