Credit: Glasgow Guardian

Next year’s GUU President to run unopposed

Credit: Glasgow Guardian

Selena Drake
Deputy Editor

The list of candidates for the GUU election were released last night, revealing that multiple positions will be unopposed. This includes the role of President of the GUU; Vice President, Honorary Treasurer, as well as five other senior positions.

This notable number of uncontested positions comes a few days after it was revealed that 80% of positions in the SRC election will be unopposed or are lacking in candidates entirely. Much like the GUU and GUSA, only one person will be running for the position of President of the SRC.

Ailsa Jones, the current Honorary Secretary of the GUU, will run for the position of President unopposed.

Current President of the GUU Ash Ringhus commented: “The GUU has actively tried to encourage people to stand; we have hosted an open information evening, advertised the opportunities extensively through our social media channels and by word of mouth. We have noted that the lack of contested positions is a campus-wide phenomenon, and not exclusive to the GUU, but we will of course continue to actively encourage students to get involved, both by standing in future elections and by applying to our various committees.”

The GUU will be hosting its Hustings event, in which candidates will be given the chance to discuss their manifestos and answer the audience’s questions, at 7pm on Wednesday next week.

Voting for the GUU Spring Elections will take place in the GUU’s Dining Room and will open at 9am on Thursday 1 March and close at 5pm.


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