Interview and analysis: Mitchell Welsh – QMU President candidate

Harry Vizor
Features Editor

Mitchell Welsh is running for President of the QMU against current VP for Board of Management, Mata Durkin. Welsh came across as confident and undoubtedly passionate about the union, though there is a concern that he lacks the experience to take on the role of President. Welsh insists that what separates him from Mata is his exceptional commitment to the union, doing the hard work around the union including the setting up of nights, and hosting events. While this is a valuable trait and clearly exemplifies his dedication, I am not entirely convinced that this will compensate for his lack of experience.

This is not to say that Welsh hasn’t held a role at the union, he is a CSR, has been a freshers helper, quiz host and so on. However, when asked why he hadn’t set himself any targets for the upcoming year, were he to be successful, he said that he wasn’t able to set responsible goals because he doesn’t have access to all of the relevant information as he doesn’t hold an executive role. Although not inventing unachievable goals is a positive, it is concerning that he is unable to create any end-of-year objectives, perhaps he could have spoken to someone on the executive board who might’ve given him some information.

Another issue was that Welsh was not aware of the upcoming Kamasi Washington gig being held at the QMU, one would hope that the upcoming President is fully aware of the events happening in the union. None of this though means that Welsh is not suitable for the role, he was able to deal with the questions for the most part and clearly enjoys being part of the union. I have no question that he would do his best for the QMU and does recognise areas that need improvement, the annual failure of a new club night for instance. I’m also sure that he could learn on the job and competently fulfil the role of President, but perhaps he would have been better running after holding a VP role.


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