Interview and analysis: Scott Kirby – SRC VP Student Activities candidate

Katy Scott

Scott Kirby lays out a number of appealing ideas in his manifesto, but a running theme is re-use. He acknowledges that a number of Vice Presidents for Student Activities before him have attempted many of his ideas, and failed, but makes a decent case for him achieving what others have failed or neglected.

The ideas of increasing the achievements available on the HEAR, the Leadership programme, and revamping the Home Student Network, all require engaging the interest and participation of the student body: something the SRC is notorious for failing at. Scott’s ideas are admirable – they aim to increase the employability aspects of students and their enjoyment of university – and his social media background makes a good case for him managing to actually promote activities to less engaged students. However this remains to be seen, as perhaps a total overhaul in the image with a focus on promotional tactics (that actually work) is what the SRC needs – and maybe Scott can provide it. After working with the University of Glasgow’s social media team for two years, he has a good grasp on engaging with the student body online, and on what does and does not work – and important skill for the head of student activities with big event plans.

A lot of Scott’s ideas require cooperation from unions, staff and societies. By the sounds of it, Scott has approached the right people and researched the feasibility of his pledges pretty well. He stands up to questioning and can support his pledges with research and plans for the future.

His manifesto is often a mixture of ambitious and occasionally vague, however, he is happy to expand upon these ideas in his interview. Scott seems keen to cooperate with other student bodies – which is notorious for resulting in miscommunications – but with his background of working with different societies and unions on the University of Glasgow’s Snapchat and other social media, and a good track record on council, he might stand a chance at succeeding on these promises.


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