Interview and analysis: Keri Anderson, GUU Honorary Secretary candidate

Jonathan Peters
News Editor

Keri has a fair bit of experience in the GUU, and some interesting ideas for how it can be improved. Her manifesto promises to continue mandatory sexual violence prevention training for board members and Freshers’ helpers, which is good news for this union, and shows how far it has come.

In fact, there is the prospect this year of an all-female executive board at the GUU. Less than 4 decades ago women couldn’t even get in the door.

Keri recognises the work done by the SRC in combating sexual harassment, and the prospect of the two organisations working together is encouraging. She promises to look into ways to extend this training to all GUU members, though may struggle to secure the necessary funds.

There is a clear focus on training and policies for safeguarding members of the Union. Aside from sexual violence, Keri’s manifesto promises first aid and mental health training for all board members. It’s clear she wants to extend this to as many people as possible, though financial constraints may decide the extent of these schemes. Nonetheless. Keri is enthusiastic and experienced enough to make the most of this role.

Keri also has some ideas to help students get Daft Friday tickets. The notoriously stressful experience may be improved by her suggestion of online pay and collect, though she can’t do much about too many people for too few tickets. She is hopeful that she can improve some of the ticket buying experience, at least. 

Finally, Keri is keen to increase engagement during Freshers’ Week. During the interview, she explained that this means informing students of the full range of services offered by the Union (i.e. not just beer bar). This is a good idea, though it isn’t clear how Keri will achieve greater engagement. She is definitely enthusiastic about the role, and that will certainly help.

Keri is a great candidate, with loads of experience and enthusiasm. You could do far worse than voting her for GUU Honorary Secretary. 


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