Credit: Nour El-Issa

First ever all female exec at GUU

Credit: Nour El-Issa

Nour El-Issa
Features Editor

The quickest-ever results at the GUU, having been counted and announced within half an hour, are as follows:

President: Ailsa Jones

Vice President: Gavin Muir

Honorary Treasurer: Colin Woods

Honorary Secretary: Keri Anderson

Asst. Honorary Secretary: Jenna Macfarlane

Former Student Members: Paul Sweeney MP; Gavin Tulloch

Debates Convenor: Harry Coloe

Games Convenor: Ryan Christie

Libraries Convenor: Owain Campton

Entertainments Committee: Michael Campbell

PSMs (1 year): Samuel Brewer; Sarah Findlay; Morgan Harrold; Aoife McCarron; Magnus Strachan

PSMs (2 year): Matilda Handley; Kate McMahon; Matthew Miller


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