Credit: Rebecca Zack

Mata Durkin wins QMU Presidency

Credit: Rebecca Zack

Rebecca Zack
Deputy Editor


The results for the Queen Margaret Union (QMU) election were announced at 7:45pm on Thursday in Champion’s Bar.

QMU President – Mata Durkin

QMU Vice President (Board of Management) – Charles Sherrington

QMU Vice President (Membership, Clubs & Societies) – Courtney Hughes

Campaigns & Charities Convenor: Rose Jackson

Events Convenor: Ruaraidh Campbell

Publications Convenor: Amy Shimmin

Social Convenor: David McGinley

Current Student Representative A: Grace Furnell (filling one seat out of four)

Non Student Member: David Grindlay    

Following the election results, the outgoing President Priya Khindria stated: “I’m very happy with tonight’s election result. I was pleasantly surprised by the turnout given the snowy conditions last week, and the fact that we had many uncontested positions, as was the case across the University. Well done to all candidates who stood.”

Mata Durkin after the first round received 191 votes.

Charles Sherrington received after the first round 144 votes.

Courtney Hughes received after the first round 192 votes.

Rose Jackson received after the first round 161 votes.

Grace Furnell received after the first round 143 votes.

Amy Shimmin received after the first round 162 votes.                   

David McGinley received after the first round 134 votes.

45 votes were spoilt for the QMU President position.


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