Credit: GUSRC

SRC recruiting for Suicide Prevention Training workshops

Credit: GUSRC

Laurie Clarke

Successful applicants will deliver training to University staff and students

Today the SRC opens applications for its “pioneering” Suicide Prevention Training “Mind Your Mate”. Applications are open to all University staff and students with an interest in mental health and suicide prevention, with no previous experience required.

The project follows on from its successful trial run last year, which provided workshops to over 350 staff and students, and was commended by the Scottish Government. The sessions have proven incredibly popular, with workshops in January, February and March fully-booked this year. In addition to open sessions, individual workshops can be arranged for specific clubs, societies or classes by contacting [email protected].

According to The University of Glasgow website: “The overall aim of Mind Your Mate is to reduce the barriers preventing people from accessing the help they need, provide participants with the confidence and skills to help someone in crisis and reduce the stigma around discussing mental health and suicide.”

Training will be provided from 13-17 August by PIPS Programmes, a professional suicide prevention organisation which has delivered life-saving training to thousands of people across the UK.

Interested candidates should email SRC Vice President for Student Support, Fatemeh Nokhbatolfoghahai, at [email protected], briefly describing their interest in the project.

Applications close at 5 pm on Tuesday 24 July, but applicants are advised that slots are allocated on a first-come first-served basis.


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