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Laurie Clarke


From student television to sustainable technologies, here's the many ways you can get involved in the tech scene on campus

Our Science & Technology section may be brand new this year, but the tech scene on campus certainly isn't. Whether you're new to Glasgow yourself, or just looking to get involved with something new this year, there's bound to be something for you.

TheGIST (Glasgow Insight into Science and Technology) has served as the University's go-to for exploration into STEM subjects since 2010. Since then, they've won recognition from the Student Publication Association (SPA), the Association of British Science Writers, and the Guardian Student Media Awards. But it isn't all beakers and binary code. Having twice received the SPA Award for Best Specialist Publication, theGIST shouldn't be mistaken for a niche publication. In the past year alone, they've tackled topics from depression to botox, nutrition to sex. If you fancy getting stuck in producing their monthly podcast, contributing to their YouTube series, or sharing some bright ideas of your own, find them on Facebook @glasgow.gist. Or if you're simply curious about the making of a moon, the quest to find a new shape, or the unravelling of the brain, then you can find answers - and more questions - at the-gist.org.

Pause Gaming - "Glasgow University's home of PC and console gaming" - has events all year round, specialising in PC and console LAN parties. (For the uninitiated, LAN parties host large groups of gamers participating in multiplayer games via a central network.) At Pause Gaming, these weekend-long events boast "tournaments and prizes, drinking games and speedrun challenges with nostalgic old games and up-to-date new titles too." Regular socials also make it easy to meet new people, with themed nights out, games of laser tag and trips to the cinema. If this sounds like your kind of scene, check out their Facebook page to find out more about membership and join a community of over 500 people.

GUDEV (Glasgow University Game Design and Development Society) are there for those students interested in taking their relationship with gaming to the next level. Pun intended. According to their website: "We're dedicated to all fields of game development: the programming, the music, the art and design, the long sleepless nights spent staring into the void. We're a place for people who want to get into making games to meet and find others who can help them build that one game they've wanted to create since they were kids." Experts and beginners alike are encouraged to come along to one of their events to get started. For information on getting involved in their "hackathon-style" Gamejams, and to see past entries, check out their website gudevsoc.com.

GUST (Glasgow University Student Television) have been operating for over 50 years, prompting one Glasgow Guardian Editor to ask: "was there television 50 years ago?" The society is outfitted with its own HD television studio, where "members have the chance to work directly with different kinds of cameras, including DSLRs, camcorders, and those in our television studio, work on sound and lighting production, be involved in livestreaming for a number of different events throughout the year, and to gain experience in video editing. We have training sessions after each of our weekly meetings so absolutely no experience is needed from anyone looking to join." To find out more information, and to check out the GUST back catalogue of comedy, horror, music and more, go to their website gust.tv or their Facebook @gusttv.

Subcity Radio broadcasts live to the world from campus. Founded in 1995, the station continues to move with the times, evolving from FM to online broadcast. The station was originally inspired by "American freeform radio", providing an "alternative to the options on the FM dial in Glasgow." Today there are almost 100 editorially-independent shows, with broadcasts every day. Listen now at subcity.org and find out how to get involved on Facebook @SubcityRadio.

Fintech may be pretty new on campus, but they've already achieved a lot, with even more ambitious plans on the horizon. "Apart from continuing with the workshop format which proved to be successful last year, we are organising our first Applied Fintech Project during the first semester. It is a very exciting learning opportunity for everyone, regardless of their year of study or degree subject, so don't think you need any previous knowledge about Fintech in order to apply! Being involved in a society is an amazing way to meet people, improve your knowledge of a new topic and develop some important skills like teamwork, communication and leadership, which are very valuable to employers." Find out more about Fintech on Facebook @UofGfintech.

GUSTS (Glasgow University Sustainable Technologies Society) have a mission on campus - not just to promote a culture of clean energy, smart technologies and recycled materials, but to make you a part of it. If global warming is making you sweat, then GUSTS are the society for you. "By getting involved with GUSTS students can take part in practical projects and workshops with a special focus on smart technology and sustainability. This year, our members will have the opportunity to work with professionals from Multiplex and other companies on projects related to the Smart Campus (a new technological campus being built by our University). Such projects will consist of creating photovoltaic designs, energy models, or even apps and devices that can improve our future campus. Our workshops too, open to everyone, will allow you to have hands-on experiences with solar chargers, smart sensors and so on." To join the revolution of sustainable technology, check out their website gusts.co.uk or find them on Facebook @GUSTS17.

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