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Preview: San Junipero night at Stereo Cafe Bar

Credit: Flickr / emilykneeter

Michael Paul Phillips

Freedom, liberty, fashion and utopia – get a taste of San Junipero in Glasgow’s own Stereo this weekend!

Calling all Black Mirror fans! Two Glasgow promoters are bringing the spark of Black Mirror’s best episode to you for one night only! This Friday, DJ duo Ipso Facto (Daniel Jones and Dean Kelman) are transforming the basement area of Stereo into Tuckers Bar circa 1987 complete with live visuals, retro video games, 80’s décor and a bunch of belters your parents would love.

The Glasgow Guardian caught up with Daniel Jones, one half of the duo, ahead of the club night this weekend. First off, we asked him if he thought there were elements of San Junipero that our society should strive towards.

Jones told us: “There are obviously many facets to a utopian fantasy like San Junipero. Our society could definitely learn from an environment as liberal and care-free as the one Kelly and Yorkie meet in. However, that doesn’t mean that a world entirely based on escapism and hedonism would be sustainable or unproblematic. That being said, if you pass-over there’s a high chance of seeing me there!”

San Junipero isn’t just an episode about cool 80’s tunes and fashion, it also displays a strong LGBTQ+ romance, asks the viewers to think about their philosophical views, and tries to offer an alternative to the fear of nothingness after death. No wonder it was met with such rave reviews when it first aired back in 2016.

“Whereas previous Black Mirror episodes have an overriding feeling of fear and pessimism about technology, this episode explored a more positive side of it doused with romance and nostalgia. The episode broke the mould of previous Black Mirrors and finally gave us a happy ending. Moreover, as well as tackling fundamental issues of sexual identity, relationships and death, the 80’s aesthetic of the episode also appeals to an older and younger generation – for the older generation as bittersweet nostalgia, and for the younger generation as the allure of a hugely vibrant era that they can only dream of.”

It’s great that a promoter has recognised the importance that many of our generation attach to this episode, and it certainly stands out among the soulless and repetitive club nights going on elsewhere. Not one to play it safe, Daniel tells us to expect “deeper remixes/B-side edits of original tracks” from the Black Mirror episode. He will also be introducing some 90’s and 00’s throwbacks into the mix to follow the direction of San Junipero’s jumpy timeline.

The feel-good attitude of the promoters and uniqueness of the night should prove to be a breath of fresh air amongst the pretentious and repetitive nights going on elsewhere in Glasgow.

“There is a lot of a pressure in the music industry to book the hottest up-and-coming DJs or established artists to draw in a crowd and sell tickets. Breaking from this pattern, we want to put on a night that not only channels the musical style of both me and Dean, but also recreates the unpretentious atmosphere, and care-free, judgement-free environment of San Junipero – a night for all walks of life that everyone can afford.”

Dressing up is encouraged for those who are looking for an excuse to whip out the iconic shoulder pads and play Madonna for a night of care-free boogying!

One day, perhaps, we will have our own San Junipero to spend eternity in ecstasy. Until then, get down to Stereo on Friday to have a carefree, judgement-free night filled with great music, welcoming people and affordable booze! Who knows, you might even meet the Kelly to your Yorkie!

Tickets are £5 and can be bought here.


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