Credit: Flickr/Steve Cadman

Businesses affected by Glasgow School of Art fire to gain access by October 14

Credit: Flickr/Steve Cadman

Bronagh McGeary
Deputy News Editor

According to the director of Glasgow School of Art rebuilding work “remains on schedule”

Local businesses affected by the devastating fire at the Glasgow School of Art (GSA) have been informed that they could have access to their buildings by 14 October. The stabilisation of the south-west corner is on track to be completed following the construction of a steel cage over the remains of the library tower. There are currently over 450 tonnes of steel holding up the east gable and north facade due to the damage the fire inflicted.

Professor Tom Inns, Director of GSA, stated that the stabilisation work on the building is nearing completion: “Weather permitting we expect the work on the west gable to be completed by 14 October, and we hope that this will mean the CCA, Bagel Mania, News 4U and Paint & Mortar will all be able to get back into their premises”.

The iconic Mackintosh door plates were also discovered amongst the wreckage while work on internal bracing was being carried out.

The GSA is currently building a protective screen along Scott Street, in front of the Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA), as an extra precaution. Due to the unpredictability of the building’s progress, the CCA announced that they were facing permanent closure. The centre had been forced to remain closed since the fire in June earlier this year, resulting in 300 cancelled events and exhibitions on the premises. Alisa Nazir, Head of Operations at CCA said: “It’s incredibly helpful for us to have a date to work towards reopening CCA.”

However, there is no guarantee that businesses will be able reopen after next week, despite Professor Inns’ statement that the work was “moving apace”.

Following the stabilisation, it is hoped that the repair work on the Reid Building will be finished by Christmas, allowing Renfrew Street to reopen and traffic to pass through.


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