QMU Building
Credit: The Glasgow Guardian

QMU announce overhaul of policy following Glasgow Guardian investigation

QMU Building

Credit: The Glasgow Guardian

Hamish Morrison
News Editor

Mata Durkin, President of the Queen Margaret Union, has released a statement via the Union’s social media, announcing a complete review of the Union’s disciplinary procedures, which she calls “no longer fit for purpose”. This announcement follows a Glasgow Guardian investigation that revealed the QMU has no sexual misconduct policy and failed to report four separate allegations made against a board member to other University institutions.

The statement claims that “in an effort to learn from this incident so that it does not happen again”, the QMU will begin work on reviewing and changing its reporting and disciplinary procedures “effective immediately”, in particular the guidelines pertaining to “severity of punishments, the disparity between treatment of board members and ordinary members, and issues regarding election regulations.”

She says that the QMU will consult with the three other University student bodies (GUU, SRC, and GUSA), and the University itself in how to better handle reports of sexual misconduct and what measures can be taken to prevent it.

She said: “This incident [Cameron Logan’s case] has shown that the QMU acting on its own on matters such as this, and not as part of the wider University community, has been detrimental to the student populous.”

Durkin also claimed that the QMU wants to “ensure a clear and transparent process” throughout the review and that students and staff should feel free to speak to her via email [[email protected]] or in person during office hours.

The QMU have been in contact with David Duncan, the Chief Operating Officer of the University of Glasgow who has announced a joint review between the QMU and other University student associations of policies regarding bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct, which he hopes will “ensure consistency, fairness and rigour.”


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