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Chaos at this summer’s Pride Glasgow festival had many calling for his resignation

CEO of Glasgow Pride Alastair Smith has resigned and issued an apology following chaos at the annual festival.

Huge numbers of ticket holders were left stranded at the gates outside Kelvingrove Park. Last minute on the door ticket sales had led to the event reaching capacity, meaning that many who had bought tickets in advance could not enter the venue. The situation spiralled as people were forced to wait as long as three hours and some began climbing fences in order to enter the park, while others fainted due to heatstroke. There were also stories of trouble backstage, with comedian and compere Scott Agnew vowing never to host another Pride Glasgow.

Alistair Smith released the following statement while talking with Pink Saltire: “This year’s event was not without its challenges and I’m hugely sorry for those who didn’t get access to the festival.

"I know and trust that the team at Pride Glasgow will learn important lessons and deliver a fantastic event for the community next year.”

The future of Glasgow Pride Festival is now set to be decided at a meeting next week, which all members of Glasgow's LGBT+ community have been urged to attend. It will be held in the  STUC building on Woodlands Road on October 17.

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