Credit: Kirsten Colligan

Everyman cinema now open in Princes Square


Credit: Kirsten Colligan

Ross Menzies

Quality film-going and the price which goes with it

Glasgow is now the 26th jewel, first in Scotland, in the crown of Everyman Cinemas: a new gourmet picturehouse found on the lower-ground of Princes Square. It’s presented as a long-sought alternative for those looking to keep themselves apart from the typical juice-swilling hoards – but I’m sceptical.

There’s no denying that it’s a lovely little boutique cinema all wrapped up in a neat little bow. Three screens – its biggest at around 150-seats and its most intimate at about 75, which can be rented out. These cinemas are lined with one and two-person sofas, all uniquely done up in plaids, tartans, and other esoteric fabrics. The grub’s nice – all gourmet burgers and pizzas and pretty-looking small plates – and a drink’s a drink, even at £4 for a pint.

It really does bring a nice wee mix of pop-up kitsch and Hollywood flair to Buchanan street. If you’re somebody who doesn’t wince at the mere thought of upgrading to a swanky leather seat at Vue or the big VIP suite at Cineworld, then you probably are going to get the most bang for your buck at the Everyman.

At between £10 and 12 a ticket, the Everyman might not knock out the GFT as the wallet-pleasing first-stop for movie night – then again, maybe it isn’t trying to.

It may not be for every man, but if you’re taking somebody out on the town (or better yet, if somebody else is paying) it just may be the place for you. Special events, unique films, and big live broadcasts will be this cinema’s bread and butter – you best look out for them throughout Everyman’s first year in Glasgow.


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