Credit: Adriana Iuliano

EU members of University staff able to apply for settled status


Credit: Adriana Iuliano

Inanna Tribukait

The scheme is being tested by EU staff members at Higher Education Institutions before the public launch in March 2019

The University of Glasgow has confirmed that Non-UK EU members of staff will be able to participate in the second pilot of the EU Settlement Scheme. It is open to Non-UK EU members of staff and Non-UK EU casual workers who have been employed by the University in the past twelve months and will be running until 21 December 2018.

Holding settled or pre-settled status means that individuals from non-UK EU states will be able to live and work in the UK after 31 December 2019 for as long as they want and can apply for British citizenship provided they meet the requirements. The pilot program includes many Higher Education Institutions across the UK and will test the system and communications before the scheme will be fully launched by the UK Government in March 2019.

Christine Barr, director of Human Resources at the University of Glasgow stated in the latest video update that: “The University is doing everything we possibly can to support our non-UK EU colleagues to ensure that they’re able to work and live in the UK post-Brexit.”

During the current pilot period, the settlement scheme will not be available to students unless they are actually employed by the University and there is a £65 application fee to participate in the scheme. Participation is voluntary and the process is independent of the University. However, the University will continue to provide up-to-date information when deemed appropriate. According to Barr, international members of staff make “an essential contribution to the Universities research and teaching“ and have made relationships, particularly with some of the EU member states stronger.


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