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The ultimate guide to campus study spaces: 2018 Edition

Credit: Stephen D. Strowes on flickr

Lewis Paterson
Online Editor

The definitive list to all the lesser known study spots around Gilmorehill campus

So you’re a first year, all up and ready to write your course essays and study for the upcoming exams (don’t worry, you’ll become jaded like the rest of us soon). But, in your efforts to pursue these tasks, you might have encountered a bit of an issue – that being that you simply cannot find a study space in the library! Fear not young freshers, for I have a pearl of wisdom for you: there are plenty of spaces for doing work on campus outside that skyscraper from hell. And even if you’re not a fresher, finding somewhere new to study can be a neat discovery. I’ll be guiding you on a tour of some of the less well-known study locations, and they all include the most desirable of commodities at Gilmorehill: computers.

Something important to note, however, is that most of these locations I’ll be listing are open on a strictly 9-to-5 basis. If you’re one of the numerous night-owls among us, then you might just be forced to go back to the library.

DISH Labs A and B, 1-2 University Gardens
The DISH labs are the main computing labs under the ownership of the Arts department, and the two labs also provide a pathway between 1 and 2 University Gardens. DISH Lab A is accessible from the first left in 1 University Gardens, and you can walk through it to DISH Lab B or enter that lab from the first right in 2 University Gardens. There’s plenty of space and computers available for your personal use in here, whether you’re an Arts student or not. The only issue is that sometimes these facilities are used by classes for teaching so you might not be able to use them when these classes are on!

STELLA Lab, 13 University Gardens
You might be perplexed upon hearing of this location, as the lab is rarely used by just about anyone. But it’s conveniently placed in the middle of campus, and contains numerous PCs as well as a printer within the lab. It’s on the first right when you enter 13 University Gardens (also known as the Hetherington House). Again, it’s worth remembering that occasionally the lab is booked for use during the semester.

Hetherington Building, Bute Gardens
This one was a recent revelation for me, having barely stepped foot in the Hetherington Building during my entire four years at uni (I’m not a languages student). The building has its own computer cluster, which seems to be fairly empty most of the time, basically guaranteeing you a desk spot and PC access. As well as this, there’s a common room right beside it allowing for a break and a snack.

St. Andrew’s Building, 20 Eldon Street
Ok, I might get some funny looks for this one, but hear me out. I know most students associate the St. Andrew’s Building with unwanted long trudges, but there is some value in the most awkwardly placed building on campus. Firstly, there’s a few computer clusters on the upper floors of the building – there aren’t many computers here, but there’s usually always one or two free. Secondly, there’s a common space for chat and eating on the ground floor, complete with some vending machines providing food and drink, as well as coffee for £1 to help fuel your studying binge. Thirdly, the building allows a mere 15 minute walk to Sauchiehall Street, which means if you’re sick of studying and want to hit the bars and clubs, you can quite easily do so. At the end of the day, you’re entitled to a break!


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