Credit: Glasgow Live

A “pickup artist” is secretly filming unsuspecting women in Glasgow for his website

Credit: Glasgow Live

Georgina Hayes

Outrage and concern has arisen in Glasgow after a “pickup artist” has been secretly filming himself “hitting on” and harassing women in Glasgow and posting the footage online.

The “pickup artist” – Addy “agame” – runs the YouTube channel and website DWLF, on which footage is often posted of Addy attempting to talk to unsuspecting women. In one video, titled “How to f*** girls in alleyways and public toilets + 3 infields”, the website host approaches different women on Buchanan Street and Sauchiehall Street while an accomplice secretly films the interaction.

During one of the incidents, Addy asks a young woman if she is “getting pissed tonight” before urging her to meet him in the city’s Kokomo nightclub.

In another video, titled “Why re-approaching girls can get you laid/full infield example”, he talks about how a girl will “welcome” it when a guy returns to speak to her despite initially turning them down.

In the video, he says: “Any situation that gets thrown at you, you turn to your advantage.

“Remember, you’re the guy and it’s your fucking frame and she follows you. You lead.”

The video then shows Addy follow a woman while speaking to her, in an attempt to get her number.

His site claims to help people “master your masculine qualities”, offering 1-to-1 coaching on how to “interact with hot girls”. It adds: “Learn how to approach, talk, text, date and have sex with beautiful women. Be the chooser, not the chosen.”

One woman has taken to Twitter to share her experience of being harassed by Addy, posting: “This guy asked if he could ‘walk me home’ when a just finished work next to the Clyde then got so aggressive with me when a declined and a had to run inty a hotel and ask them to phone me a taxi home.”

After the footage was first widely revealed by BBC’s The Social, Glasgow Greater Pollok SNP councillor Rhiannon Spear tweeted her outrage.

She said: “Think about how he talks about women.

“Think about how he talks about sex and what he thinks about consent. This is turning consent and coercion into a game.”

Sandra White, MSP for Glasgow Kelvin also hit out at Addy “agame” and raised concerns over the consent of the videos.

She said: “It is extremely concerning to see this happening in Glasgow, especially at a time of greater awareness of sexual harassment and consent.

“Harassment of any kind is unacceptable, and I am pleased to see that organisations in Glasgow are taking the appropriate action to make staff aware and stop this kind of unwelcome behaviour.

“Consent must never be taken for granted, and both men and women must continue working together to call out and condemn the harmful conduct discovered today.”

Buchanan Galleries, St Enoch Centre and Kokomo Nightclub have all been contacted about the man’s activities, and we would urge any of our readers to contact the centres’ security or the police if you are approached by him, or witness him harassing any other woman.


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