Credit: Glasgow Live

“Pickup artist” Addy “agame” faces protest and police investigation


Credit: Glasgow Live

Hamish Morrison
News Editor


Police Scotland are in the early stages of an investigation into the “predatory” behaviour of Glaswegian YouTube pick up artist, Addy “Agame” Ahmed, according to a statement released yesterday.

The Police are urging people to call 101 with any information about Ahmed, and condemned his behaviour as “shameful and unacceptable” in a tweet.

The Empowered Woman Project have also organised a protest against the Ahmed, which will take place on Saturday on Buchanan Street steps from midday onwards.

He has come under criticism from SNP councillor Rhiannon Spears, who questioned his attitudes towards women and issues of consent. Spears has also successfully petitioned for him to be banned from Kokomo, Buchanan Galleries and the St Enoch’s Centre.

Ahmed has achieved a level of notoriety in the past week after BBC 3’s The Social highlighted the predatory nature of his videos.

Ahmed’s YouTube channel, D.W.L.F [dicks will live forever] GAME features videos of Ahmed coaching men on how to approach and “pick up” women on the street, with titles such as “How to deal with harsh blowouts and cock-blocks” and “How to have sex with a feminist”.


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