Credit: Pixabay / rubiks

GULGBTQ+ announce new trans, nonbinary and questioning swimming group


Credit: Pixabay / rubiks

Isabel Thomas
News Editor

GULGBTQ+ have announced the launch of their trans, nonbinary and questioning swimming group. This follows a campaign last year to gauge interest in the creation of the group.

The first trans, nonbinary and questioning swimming event will take place in February in celebration of LGBT history month.

President of GULGBTQ+ Chris Timmins said: “We are so excited about the Trans, Nonbinary, and Questioning swimming event. Trans people often have a difficult time accessing sports facilities (especially pools) due to their gendered nature, so we are excited to provide a safe space for trans people to swim, have fun and feel comfortable. I have always loved to swim but my trans identity means that I haven’t been able to swim for a long time so I’m excited to get back in the pool!”

GULGBTQ+ is asking those who are thinking about attending the event to register their interest here: The deadline for responses is 25 January.


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