QMU Building
Credit: The Glasgow Guardian

QMU President publishes sexual harassment update

QMU Building

Credit: The Glasgow Guardian

Georgina Hayes

On Monday 11 February Queen Margaret Union President, Mata Durkin, posted an update on the union’s sexual harassment and disciplinary policy for the first time since October 2018, when Durkin released a statement following a Glasgow Guardian investigation that revealed the union had no sexual misconduct policy and had failed to report allegations made against former board member Cameron Logan to other University institutions.

The statement, published on the union’s website, explains that while the union expects the University to issue “further guidance that will apply across all the student bodies in due course”, the union has made some “temporary” changes of its own to address the issues raised in the Glasgow Guardian article, such as board members and regular members being held to different disciplinary standards.

On the temporary changes, Durkin writes: “These include making arrangements to ensure that all candidates in our upcoming elections will be held to a higher level of scrutiny regarding past disciplinary actions than in previous years. We have also made changes so that Board Members are treated equally with regular members and are no longer exempt from having discipline on their record.

“Many of you may have lost faith in the QMU as a result of all that has happened. We understand and respect this and are doing everything that we can within our power to remedy the situation and show that we are fully committed to making the QMU a safe environment for all.”

You can read the full statement here.


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