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The provisional list of candidates running in the Glasgow University Students' Representative Council (SRC) spring elections has been announced, with two of the four paid, full-time sabbatical positions being uncontested.

The President position is once again uncontested, as is VP Education. VP Student Support, however, has three candidates and VP Student Activities has two.

28 out of the 39 positions on offer (72%) are either unopposed or have no candidates at all. Similarly, 70% of positions last year were also unopposed or had no candidates. Of the positions that do have candidates, only 36% are contested.

The candidates for the four sabbatical positions are as follows: Scott Kirby (current VP Student Activities) for President; Liam Brady for VP Education; Yipei Wei, Tom McFerran and Iona MacLeod Hughes for VP Student Support; and Kirsty Summers and Basel Shihabi for VP Student Activities.

There are currently no candidates for several welfare and equal opportunities officer positions. Gender Equality Officer, Age Equality Officer and International Students Officer all have no candidates, and roles such as LGBTQ+ Officer and Race Equality Officer are all uncontested.

Two out of the four undergraduate convenor positions also have no candidates.

Read the full list below:

Sabbatical Officers

President – Scott Kirby

VP Education – Liam Brady

VP Student Support – Yipei Wei, Tom McFerran, Iona MacLeod Hughes

VP Student Activities – Kirsty Summers, Basel Shihabi

Welfare and Equal Opportunities Officers

LGBTQ+ Officer – Indigo Korres Nte Paoula

Race Equality Officer – Moni Serneabat Ungar

Gender Equality Officer –

Age Equality Officer –

Disability Equality Officer – Charlotte Green, Rachel Symon

International Students Officer –

Clubs, Charities & Societies Officer – Morgan Daniel

Environmental Officer – Orla McLaughlin, Ilya Lerma Boutko

Mental Health Equality Officer – Teresa Banos Garcia, Madeleine Gomes, Cheryl Graham

UG Convenors 

UG College Convenor Arts –

UG College Convenor MVLS – Emma Jackson, Fadel Shoughari,

UG College Convenor Science and Engineering – Harry McLachlan, Mayank Goenka

UG College Convenor Social Sciences –

PG Convenors

PG College Convenor Arts – Fiona Paterson

PG College Convenor MVLS – Hannah Baer

PG College Convenor Science & Engineering –

PG College Convenor Social Sciences – Cristina Chueca Del Cerro, Ketong Zhang

Postgraduate Research Convenor – Jamie Quinn

School Representatives

School of Critical Studies – Annabel Bowen-Nielsen

School of Culture & Creative Arts – Tomasz Kleczkowski, Leo Cerosky

School of Humanities –

School of Mod Languages & Cultures – Samantha Boyle

School of Life Sciences – Anna Makova

School of Medicine –

School of Veterinary Medicine – Hannah Mylin

School of Chemistry –

Business School – Chang Xu, Ana Isabel Bacallado Almandoz

School of Engineering -Temisan Atsegoh

School of Computing Science – Andreas Nikolaou

School of Geographical & Earth Sciences – Sam Malis

School of Mathematics & Statistics –

School of Physics & Astronomy – Darius Darulis

School of Social and Political Sciences – Stefanos Papalysandrou

School of Law –

Interdisciplinary Studies – Di Huang

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