Kelvin Way
Credit: Geograph / Jim Smillie

GUU President candidate refusing to be interviewed

Kelvin Way

Credit: Geograph / Jim Smillie

Georgina Hayes

Editor’s note: This article has been amended since its initial publication.

In a GUU President race that is being contested for the first time in years, Matthew Miller, one of the two candidates, is refusing to be interviewed by The Glasgow Guardian. His opponent Owain Campton was interviewed earlier today, and his interview will be shared tonight.

Miller is the only candidate running for election this year that is refusing to be interviewed. All other GUU, SRC, QMU and GUSA candidates have accepted interview invitations from this paper.

Candidates up for election have historically been interviewed by this paper so that the wider student body can easily watch candidates questioned on their manifesto.

Editor’s note: 

We are extremely disappointed and surprised by Miller’s refusal to put himself forward for interview. It is highly unusual for a candidate running for any position – let alone a contested one – to refuse an interview with The Glasgow Guardian, as our interviews are shared onto our website and social media, ensuring that all students – especially those who cannot attend hustings – are able to see candidates come under public scrutiny.

At a time when student voter apathy is particularly high and most students do not attend hustings, we believe that Miller should be engaging with the wider elections process on this campus and hoping to make his case to as many students as possible, something that our interviews encourage.

Our invitation to Miller is still open – it’s our wish to get the chance to speak to every candidate before we officially endorse anybody, and as it stands, Miller is the only candidate from any union that will not have been interviewed.

On his refusal to interview, Miller said: “Although I will not be doing an interview with The Glasgow Guardian I encourage anyone who has any questions about me or my manifesto to come to hustings on Wednesday, drop me a message on Facebook or come chat with me while I’m flyering during the week!”


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