Interview and analysis: Matilda Handley – GUU Honorary Secretary

Tara Gandhi
Investigations Editor

Matilda was well-versed in all areas of the GUU, with surprising levels of experience within the Union for a second year. Already having been a PSM and working on committees such as constitution and welfare has provided her with a good insight into the Union and what it will need as we head into the next academic year.

Matilda discussed how she could use the position of Honorary Secretary and the responsibility over Freshers’ Week to tackle many of the GUU’s potential problems, such as a lack of footfall due to the new campus development. She put freshers front and central in both her manifesto and her interview, stressing the importance of getting freshers involved and engaged with the Union as much as possible in order to keep them coming back throughout their time at the university.

Despite a less proactive and more vague manifesto, Matilda interviewed very well, suggesting she has no shortage of ideas or understanding about the Union; she just didn’t manage to get her ideas onto paper. Her previous involvement and experience in multiple  areas across the Union means that she is well equipped for the position.

Read Matilda’s manifesto here.


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