Interview and analysis: Liam Brady – VP Education

Ina Tribukait

Liam is the only candidate running for the paid sabbatical position of VP education. This role will (among others) leave him in charge with the academic reps on council and to deal with all things learning and teaching at the University.

The previous experience he has as an SRC school representative leaves room for the assumption that he will not go into office unprepared. Among others he lists helping out with pop-up study spaces during exam period and collaborating with the Learning Enhancement and Academic Development (LEADS) service where he acted as an undergraduate representative. These are skills that could prove useful in his prospective role, where he plans to work together with LEADS for the realization of some of his manifesto promises.

Despite running unopposed, his manifesto is detailed and suggests concrete ideas for improvement on campus. He proposes a university wide peer assisted learning system and adjustments to peer rating systems in group work. Furthermore, Brady wants to increase communication both between university staff and students, and students from the different UofG campuses. He shows an awareness of issues that have been raised in the past, such as long waiting-times for feedback for exams and the demand for lecture recordings.

In the interview, Liam was able to outline a way of achieving those changes – his goals seem carefully formulated and therefore realistically achievable. He was able to elaborate on the more vague points of his manifesto. Despite running unopposed, it does not seem like he takes the role for granted, with a well worked out manifesto and experience to help him achieve his promises.

Read Liam’s manifesto here.


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