Interview and analysis: Scott Kirby – SRC President

Hamish Morrison
News Editor

Current VP Student Activities Scott Kirby combines a good amount of experience with a manifesto that is more ambitious than one might expect for an uncontested candidate.

Making the SRC visibly involved with local and national political campaigns is likely a good way to increase the SRC’s profile and could help in tackling the ever elusive problem of engagement. Fortunately, Kirby will not be reviving the NUS affiliation debate to this end. It is less encouraging that Kirby is reluctant to specifically endorse a candidate, given the fact that the rector position has been underutilised in recent years and could in theory strengthen the student body’s voice at Senate.

Kirby is right to recognise the issue of the international student experience and steps towards reviewing English language requirements should be a part of this, however, Kirby did not commit to lobbying the University on changes to the existing requirements.

Where he is least convincing is on the promise of SRC video updates, an idea that has been promised by candidates in the past and which has fallen by the wayside when sabbatical officers come up against the day-to-day pressures of the job. It seems that initiatives to increase student engagement should be a real priority for this and every year’s board.

Kirby is a safe pair of hands for the role of SRC President, fortunately, given that he is uncontested.  

Read Scott’s manifesto here.


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