Interview and analysis: Kirsty Summers – SRC VP Student Activities

Hamish Morrison
News Editor

Kirsty Summers kindly re-interviewed for The Glasgow Guardian after technical problems with her first interview. Fresh off the back of an excellent showing at hustings, Summers gave an assured performance in interview.

Summers puts forward an impressive and informed manifesto and gave excellent performances both at hustings and on camera. If these are anything to go by, she will be more than capable of implementing the promises made in her manifesto.

The only glaring issue with Summers’s manifesto is the promise of the reintroduction of the SRC’s bus service. The cancellation of the service was the subject of huge controversy in 2016, and while Summers is right to point out that the SRC still own the buses, it is likely not a debate Council will care to rehearse. Summers seems confident that she will be able to bring back the buses and she says she will push for this from her seat on the Student Experience Committee. Despite this, it seems like something that might fall by the wayside during the next Sabbatical term.

With this being said, Summers is clearly the more qualified candidate for the role. The promises in her manifesto, for the most part, seem workable and sensible and Summers undoubtedly shows enough experience and familiarity with the workings of the SRC to push them through. The Glasgow Guardian has more confidence in Summers’s ability to campaign within the SRC and to lobby the University to improve student’s experience than her opponent Basel Shihabi.


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