Interview and analysis: Yipei Wei – SRC VP Student Support

Hamish Morrison
News Editor

Wei is campaigning on a platform to increase support for international students. This is something of a hot topic on campus, with the University seen as being happy enough to take the money of foreign students, but less so to provide them with adequate support.

One of the key problems Wei identifies is with English language ability, but her approach seems to focus more on the symptoms rather than the causes. In her interview, Wei says that the problem lies in the fact that international students possess sufficient command of English for academic purposes, but not for use in specific situations like engaging in student life and using university services.

It is also unclear from speaking to Wei how creating a global alumni network would aid students at the University, and something that would benefit graduates specifically seems to fall outwith the remit of the Students’ Representative Council and certainly outwith that of VP Student Support.

On the specifics of implementing her manifesto Wei was vague. Other than implementing monthly targets to achieve certain, unspecified goals, Wei did not provide enough detail to inspire much confidence in her ability to navigate University bureaucracy.

While her enthusiasm for the role is apparent and Wei undeniably brings an important and underrepresented voice to the campaign, she is perhaps not best qualified for this position at this moment in time.

Read Yipei’s manifesto here.


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