Sailor Jerry keeps us in Safe Hands

Dylan Tuck
Culture Editor

As part of a series of varied events around Scotland this March, Sailor Jerry’s offered up free haircuts at one of Glasgow’s most cutting-edge barbers

What’s better than a free haircut? The answer? A free haircut with free rum.

As many students may have realised by now, keeping your barnet in check can be quite a tricky issue on a low budget. If, like me, you’re a wannabe super clean-cut kid who always desires the freshest of trims, and try to look like you’ve just had a barber-esque buzzcut finish every time you leave your house, you soon realize that the cost of keeping up such a pretentious habit is quite high. Yet, with thanks to a particular rum brand – Sailor Jerry – and one of Glasgow’s best bohemian barbers, Safe Hands, I was able to have my thick locks cut, and with no price to pay either (other than a walk about in the pissing rain).

As part of a series of very generous, collaborative events that Sailor Jerry has organized around various locations in Scotland, the brand’s habit for hosting events that raise eyebrows has seen them most recently partnered with Safe Hands to offer a Saturday afternoon full of free haircuts for everyone, and not without a complimentary splash of rum too.

I had hoped that I wouldn’t end up walking in like a drowned rat that’s got lost on its travels from the banks of the Clyde, but in a city that never sees the sun combined with a bad sense of non-rain-proof clothes, that was never going to be a reality. Yet, on my thankful arrival into a non-flooded Safe Hands, it’s clear to see why the Sailor Jerry brand had chosen an independent chop-shop like this: exposed brick walls, heavily inked barbers with a definite sense of style, a surfeit of vibrant, random artwork and odd bits lying about – this is a hipster’s paradise, but without all the bullshit. It’s the perfect example of a laid back, alternative barber shop.

As soon as I entered, beats were popping (from a DJ tucked away in the corner), drinks were being poured (mine’s a rum and ginger, thanks for asking), and the escape from the rain was incredibly well received. All around the walls were Sailor Jerry style tattoo prints, as part of a pretty amazing competition that could see you and your mates win tickets to a party at a secret castle later this year. For more details on that, check here.

After a short wait, I took a seat and placed the fate of my hair into the scissor-wielding hands of a friendly barber called Ryan. You know the drill for here, barbers, and hairdressers, generally offer some of the best chit chat going, and today, with everyone in (and drinking) good spirits was no different. Football, the weather, weekend plans, yada yada – a good old chinwag never goes a miss, even despite the challenge of trying to keep my hair dust from falling like violent amounts of dandruff into my deliciously fiery cup of rum.

As for the trim, it was great, and the type of haircut you’d get that makes you want to come back again. Thankfully, my highly indecisive mind had settled on a hairstyle that isn’t audacious and doesn’t make me look like an absolute mug, so the challenge wasn’t too much for a very capable barber like Ryan. It was nice that Safe Hands take time to chat and ensure the job is done thoroughly to a high standard without the smarmy, dandy-go-lucky “what would you like today, sir?” that seems to taint the hairdresser market nowadays. Nothing is forced – just genuine people giving generous trims.

It’s always nice to leave a barbers buzzing about a fresh cut, and as I left after mopping up the last drops of rum in my cup, I felt thankful for the fact that it was all done for free. Sailor Jerry are often doing little things that promote similar interests to the brand, be it concerts, tattoo parlors or barbers, so keep an eye on their ongoing. You never know what good things you might find.

For more information on Sailor Jerry, check out their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

If you want to know more about Safe Hands, check here, or, their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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