Credit: Glasgow Guardian

Donations stolen from QMU

Credit: Glasgow Guardian

Tara Gandhi
Investigations Editor

CCTV footage has revealed two individuals removing donation bags from the QMU collection point on 22 March. A post on the QMU Campaigns and Charity Committee Facebook page has been shared requesting information about the incident. The collection point was set up in Food Factory in the QMU for the whole of March, taking donations for the British Heart Foundation.

The footage was seen by Mata Durkin, outgoing QMU president, and another CSR, but has since expired. They described the pair as appearing to be a boy and a girl with long red hair. They approached the cage where donations were stored as though they knew what was there, in a manner that lead those watching the footage to believe that they were actually QMU committee members going to collect the donations. Those that viewed the CCTV did not recognise the individuals as QMU regulars or committee members, and the British Heart Foundation confirmed they had not sent staff or volunteers to collect the bags.

Mata commented on the incident: “Our main priority right now is to find out what happened and to get those donations back. If anyone has any information we would appreciate it if you could come forward – we are currently not looking for perpetrators but rather to ensure that we can give as much as we can to the British Heart Foundation.

“Our charitable activities are hugely important to us and we are extremely disappointed that this has happened, and will be reviewing how we do donation drives in the future so that they can be monitored more.”


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