University of Glasgow denies responsibility for transphobic toilet sign on campus

Laurie Clarke
Production Manager

A transphobic sign in the female toilet of the music department has been disavowed by the University of Glasgow. The sign was first spotted on campus yesterday and has now been removed.

The sign read: “This is a Female Toilet. If you don’t qualify as Female, please use the Gents toilet on the floor above or below. Thanks.”

The notice has drawn censure on social media, with criticism levelled at the University, whose logo appears on the sign. 

A spokesperson for the University told The Glasgow Guardian: “The University supports all genders. Permission was neither sought nor granted for this poster and it has been removed.”

The sign appeared to have been issued by the music department, but when contacted by GULGBTQ+, the department confirmed that they were not responsible for the signs and that they did not endorse the message.

GULGBTQ+ President, Madeleine, said on the subject: “Anti-trans campaigning is becoming increasingly aggressive and hate crimes in the UK are on the rise. It’s important that things like this don’t go unchallenged. We hope the person who created this poster is found soon.

“If anyone feels affected by this, our Welfare Officer and Trans and Non-Binary Officers are always open to contact.”


GULGBTQ+’s Welfare Officer can be contacted at [email protected]

The society’s Trans Officer can be contacted at [email protected]

The society’s Non-Binary Officer can be contacted at [email protected]

Support and resources can be found on the GULGBTQ+ website.


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