Youtube deactivates Glasgow ‘pick-up artist’ account that shows men how to persuade women into sex

Credit: Glasgow Live

Joanne Krus
Deputy News Editor

Hundreds of videos have been removed from accounts, but Street Attraction said they were for educational purposes only.

YouTube has removed hundreds of videos from accounts linked to Adnan Ahmed, also known as Addy A-Game, and Street Attraction, on the basis that these videos violate YouTube’s rules on nudity and sexual conduct.

Last month, Ahmed was found guilty on five charges at Glasgow Sheriff Court, for harassing and abusing women.

BBC’s The Social released a video at the start of this year, exposing Addy A-game’s threatening behaviour. Their investigation exposed his YouTube channel, where he had posted videos of him harassing women on the street and audio recording of women during sex.

One victim, a 21-year-old woman, spoke at his trial and said that Ahmed made her feel uncomfortable when he approached her in Glasgow city centre in 2016 and tried to kiss her.

“He just had pure lust in his eyes,” the victim said.

Street Attraction defended their video content, claiming that they were for educational purposes only and insist that they had done nothing wrong. 

“We actually help men…so if anything we help prevent rape culture to help prevent them get involved in anything illegal or non-consensual,” Eddie Hitchens, the founder of Street Attraction, said in an interview with BBC.

Police Scotland’s senior investigating officer, Mark McLennan, released a statement after the verdict was announced, saying people need to realise they cannot expect their behaviour to be tolerated if it is causing offence and upset.

“I want to pay tribute to the courage of these women in coming forward and giving evidence in order to bring Ahmed to justice, particularly as he appears to have expected them to tolerate his unwarranted and unwelcome behaviour,” McLennan said.

A spokesman for YouTube said that they removed the videos as: “YouTube strictly prohibits explicit sexual, graphic, or harassing content. Nothing is more important than protecting the safety of our community, and we will continue to review and refine our policies in this area.”


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