Paisley songwriter Quinny releases It’s Not Even Your Birthday

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Andrew Quinn
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The London-based artist has released a new single and announced dates in Glasgow and London for the start of December.

Paisley-born songwriter Quinny has released his latest festive number, It’s Not Even Your Birthday, and announced two live dates in Glasgow and London.

The London-based artist put out a Christmas EP last year called Seasons Greetings from the Grotty Grotto. That release consisted of three alternative festive songs, which described the situation of a drug dealer during the Christmas period, having the fear after a big Christmas Eve and questioned why Santa gives children gifts.

It’s Not Even Your Birthday follows the same moany, satirical Christmas style. The title is a reference to the lack of knowledge about Jesus Christ’s actual date of birth, yet the celebration remains the biggest in western culture.

It is a comical take on the Nativity story and the effort that is put into celebrating the event, even though “It’s Not Even Your Birthday”. He picks holes in the tale: “I know that she’s your mum but are you sure he’s your dad? Has she been doing the dirty?”

The pre-chorus is my favourite part: “You’re out of luck, I’m not coming out because it’s cold as fuck. And I don’t believe in Santa Claus or you, if I’m telling the truth.” He combines the festive theme with west of Scotland phrases, again adding to the satire of the tune.

The catchy music works well with the comical lyrics, as it draws the listener in with a sweet, but fairly simple, baseline. Quinny’s west of Scotland accent is easily recognisable and, along with the use of colloquial language, makes you feel that this could be one of your Grinch-like pals down the pub.

Through his innovative use of true-to-life words, relatable themes and combination of rock and poppy styles, Quinny proves his significance as a songwriter.

To celebrate the release Quinny is playing the Blue Arrow in Glasgow on 3 December and the Hope & Anchor in London on 4 December.

You can listen to It’s Not Even Your Birthday by Quinny here:

You can buy tickets for Quinny’s shows in Glasgow and London here:


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